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Blacklist Coffee Tasting Experience

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Blacklist Coffee Tasting Experience 

Go beyond the flat white.

Monday to Friday | 10-2pm

Blacklist Coffee Roasters' Subi Concept Store offers the dose of coffee education you need to take your knowledge to the next level. For just $9, you'll be able to explore the nuances in taste between Blacklist's extensive collection of coffee, all with the guidance of their knowledgeable staff. Pull up a stool at their filter brew bar as you sample 3-4 coffees from a rotating list of rare and high-quality single origin coffees, served in wine glasses and accompanied by detailed tasting notes. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.

$9 per person. Includes a tasting of 3-4 coffees, followed by a full coffee of your choice. Pay at venue.

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Blacklist Coffee Roasters Concept Store

  • 439 Hay Street,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 10TH August 2020 - 14TH August 2020

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