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Sign your property with CVue for 12 months property management services and they will in return pay for your Landlord Insurance for the year.
Have you thought about changing agents and want to know more about the services from local Subi agent, CVue Property Managers?

Premium property management is what we do best and to reward our landlords with coming on board, we will pay for your preferred landlord insurance for the year. 

To find out more, receive a free rental appraisal, or chat about how to change property managers while you've still got a tenant in there, contact Honor Borg, Managing Director and Licensee of CVue Property Managers direct on 0411 782 510 or the office on 9382 8218. Or if you're busy, feel free to send her an email

17 years in the business and small business owner. 

Conditions do apply, but they're not that complicated, we just ask that you choose the policy with either EBM, Terri Scheer or AON, as we've claimed through them before and find them the easiest to deal with. But if you have someone else we're open to discussions. 

Look forward to chatting with you soon. 

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