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Looking for a career that is more fulfilling? Lois Keay-Smith from Career Wisdom helps you find your new career direction - and a plan to get you there. Consultations and small group workshops.

Work fills up a lot of our time. Shouldn’t it be something that you look forward to, that engages you and uses your talents? Sadly, surveys tell us that over half of the working population are actively or passively looking for another role! Sometimes your talents don’t match the organisation, sometimes it’s your values, or sometimes it’s simply that you are the wrong person in the wrong place. Maybe it’s now your time – to find better work, or even a new career. 

We specialise in helping people get from stuck to inspired in their work – at any career stage. You may be reinventing yourself or searching for that “something else”. With 14 years' career counselling, career coaching and consulting experience, Career Wisdom's Lois Keay-Smith has worked with managers, graduates, executives, professional rugby players, and has changed career herself. 

At Career Wisdom, we support people voluntarily making changes in their careers as well as those affected by redundancy due to restructure and organisational change. Emotional, tactical and practical career support is individually tailored to you.

Here's to your career success!

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