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We are a team of highly trained hair stylists who, with our expertise and knowledge, place ourselves in the top range of Perth's sharpest hairstylists.

Coronavirus Update
We are happy to announce that The Collective - Hair Artistry is reopening its doors for operation. Please contact your preferred stylist for further information of when they will be back at work.

However... unfortunately your appointments will have a little “Covid-19 twist” to it. We must see to safety first!!
Due to the current situation we are all in, we have made a Collective decision at the salon to implement the absolute maximum health & safety precautions that we possibly can, such that our clients, our team and everyone else whom we love are safeguarded from infection. Therefore, the following steps will be strictly followed within our premise until further notice:

All stylists will be completing hair services whilst wearing medical grade face masks. Additionally, disposable medical grade masks will be provided to ALL clients at the point of entry. These masks must be kept on throughout the entire visit at the salon and disposed of at the end of the service.

All stylists will also utilise gloves for the duration of your service, and we will be regularly sterilising the premises to the ensure we are ticking all the regulatory boxes, whilst concurrently adhering to best practice guidelines which are changing daily.

We kindly request that clients bring their own hot/cold beverages, as we will not be serving any at this point in time.

As we also have a limited amount of people in the premise at any given time, we kindly ask that you do not bring company with you to your appointment.

We kindly ask all of our beautiful guests to reschedule their appointments at any sign of illness experienced by themselves and/or any close family members, or if they have been overseas in the past 21 days.

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