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Free Dance Classes @ Juan Rando Dance Academy

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Leave space in your calendar for one of Juan Rando Dance Academy’s dance classes. This amazing studio is offering free dance classes to be relished by our Subi community! Whether you’re an amateur or a professional dancer who wants to learn more about this beautiful craft, Juan Rando Dance Academy is the ideal dance school for you.

Get a chance to improve your dancing skills while making new friends and having loads of fun. Their professional dance instructors are passionate in providing students with the highest quality dance lessons – from Zumba classes, Salsa classes and even Argentina Tango lessons, you’ll learn with ease, guided by their friendly instructors.

Juan Rando Dance Academy welcomes every chance to help dance enthusiasts discover how dancing can benefit them in so many ways. Once you join one of their dance lessons, Juan Rando Dance Academy are confident that you will come back for more! Come a give it a try! FREE INTRO CLASSES (30min) at 6pm

Every Monday: Bachata or Tango
Every Tuesday: Salsa or Kizomba
Every Wednesday: Cuban Salsa or West Coast Swing
Every Thursday: Zouk
Get ready for Free Dance Classes at Juan Rando Dance Academy! Try as many styles as you like!  

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Juan Rando Dance Academy

  • 296 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 12TH August 2019 - 7TH November 2019
    6:00pm - 6:30pm