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If you're looking for a counsellor, corporate wellness consultant or mindfulness workshops with life-skill based teaching, you're in the right place. It is the heartbeat of LIGHT·TRUTH·LOVE to bring transformation to the lives of people, families, communities, organisations and (we dream big) hopefully even the world. Through personal coaching, corporate wellness training and workshops for individuals we're bringing positive change into people's lives and relationships.

Personal Coaching + Counselling

Personal Coaching and Counselling is a private one-to-one service adapting to your individual needs. This is a unique collaboration where the best of Coaching and Counselling meet together to offer you a human and professional approach to mental and emotional health.
Side by side, I journey with you to encourage and guide you in overcoming your personal challenges

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Corporate Wellness is a private workshop offer to teams, organisations, companies and special groups on request. In this group setting, we explore a wide range of topics to advance the mental and emotional health of your team. Your workshop course is designed around the needs and wants of your group, whether you'd like one-off workshops or an annual course. 

This is your opportunity to develop life skills proven to transform lives and relationships, learning and growing alongside each other as a team. 

Workshops with Helen Kelder

Workshops are where we gather like-minded people from all walks of life, to embark on a journey of personal development and growth together. In this group setting, we explore a wide range of topics in advancing mental and emotional health and developing life skills proven to transform lives and relationships.


We also share our beautiful workshop space with others looking for a private venue for hire. Filled with natural light, the bright, warm and inviting Subi Space is awaiting only one thing.. You and your people! 

With all the amenities and facilities required for a hassle-free event, we invite you into this welcoming and delightful space. To share your talents, knowledge, creativity or time with others is a gift - A gift that is worthy of a beautiful space in which to share it. Your clients, attendees or students will value their time with you all the more when you choose a venue that provides an environment in which they (and you) can focus, relax, step away from the hustle-bustle of life and into your specialised event space.

​Subi Space is a professional, tranquil and warm learning environment that will increase the success of your event and the value of your offer. The space is very versatile and practical, with a number of table sizes to create different seating arrangements, numerous breakout spaces and relaxed seating areas.

​Subi Space generously allows for 10-20 people, and ideally around 16 for workshops or seminars, which just so happens to be your perfect small-group size.
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