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French, Spanish & Italian Private Classes

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Our Private Language Classes offer you the benefits of individualised attention and a customised learning program designed by one of our professional teachers to specifically meet your needs.

Choose from Spanish, French or Italian, from absolute beginner to advanced. All your class requirements whether for travel, work or fun, will be tailored to suit you.
Through our Private Tuition, you enjoy ultimate flexibility, as you are able to select when and where the lessons take place; at home, at work, at our Subiaco Centre or anywhere that is convenient for you! This is the alternative option you’re looking for if you work away or if you are on a tight schedule at work or at home and you don't have time to attend our group classes every week.
All our teachers are all highly qualified professionals, dedicated to ensuring each session is delivered in the best possible way. They are extremely committed to making each class an enjoyable experience and to bring you information with methods easy to follow and understand. 
1 student  - $70  per hour                                    
2 students - $85 per hour                                             
3 students - $105 per hour                                                        

**Locations more than 10km from the CBD will incur a travel fee.

Advantages of attending our Private Lessons:
  • The teacher’s attention is totally on you. You might be able to concentrate better when you are the only student in the lesson.
  • You might have specific objectives: an intensive course, or a series of ‘refresher lessons’, before travelling overseas; maybe your work demands knowledge of a foreign language.
  • They offer an invaluable opportunity to practise conversation skills with a native speaker, improve your pronunciation or master grammatical structures.
Whatever your situation is, we can arrange private tuition for you, at a level that will maximise your learning and allow you to progress at your own pace.
Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular circumstances.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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