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Free "Squid's Game" kids puzzle card giveaway

Puzzle Card Giveaway


While snorkelling with your friends you notice a strange sight. What seems like hundreds of squid, all floating motionless in the water, as though they had been trained to do so. Amongst the squid. a deep-sea diver stands next to a treasure chest. He looks like he has been there a hundred years…. until suddenly he moves, and… hands you a note!?

A puzzle card is an escape room-type experience in a birthday card. Send your child on a mysterious journey to the ocean floor where they must follow the clues, solve the mystery, and establish “What is the deep-sea diver’s favourite underwater creature?” Suitable for children who can; read simple English, colour within lines, and recognise and name several sea creatures. (Without those skills, they may need a little help from an adult.)

* We have a limited number of cards to give away but will do our best to fulfill all requests. You will be notified by email or SMS to let you know if your card is on its way. Cards will be hand-delivered to residents nearby (5min drive) to Subiaco. Mention in the comment field if you require multiple cards for multiple children.


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