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In a society that is more and more health conscious, aware of the need to reduce sugar and preservatives in our daily diets, how good is it to know that you can find healthy, low-calorie, sugar-free nutritional alternatives to the traditional smoothie or ice drink.  This is what you will experience at PUPA FAST NUTRITION as well as good vibes and warm smiles.

PUPA FAST NUTRITION is a husband and wife team operated nutritional smoothie bar. “Strongly aligned with the ever growing global health and wellness trends, we want to make a positive impact towards healthy eating, nutrition and weight management”.  With old fashion hospitality and friendly service, PUPA FAST NUTRITION provides customers with a HEALTHY NUTRITIONAL ALTERNATIVE with additional health benefits to the model of smoothies and sugar loaded drinks. 

In a simple yet inviting environment, customers can consume a nutritional thick and tasty smoothie laden with an exclusive blend of selected proteins, vitamins and minerals which is a healthy lunch/breakfast or snack “on the go“. 

PUPA’s Smoothies are made WITHOUT MILK! It is hard to believe when they come out looking so deliciously thick and creamy due to the double blended technique. Well worth the wait!

Each tasty smoothie are low GI and contain approx. 15-25g of whey, soy and plant based protein which contributes towards building and maintaining lean muscle, vitamins and minerals including antioxidants, Vitamins  A, C and E. No refined sugar (sucrose or glucose)! 

The Loaded Teas are full of flavour, provide an added lift and offer the goodness of a drink with less than 24calories.  Each Loaded Tea contains Green and Camomile tea with their natural antioxidant properties as well as Cold-Pressed Aloe Vera to counter digestive dysfunction which can result in weight, energy, immunity and skin problems.  They have no refined sugar (sucrose or glucose) and the beverage flavoured mixes are high in Vitamin C and totally sugar-free.

·     Our MISSION is to provide the best customer experience with our highly nutritional smoothies that taste amazing any time of day and raise appreciation to those healthier alternatives.

·     Our VISION is to inspire the community to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the global footprint of health and wellness.

·       Our VALUES are Fun, Integrity, Relationships, Quality, Consistency & Care



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