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Sleeping Beauty

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Moscow Ballet La Classique presents the timeless classic Sleeping Beauty, for Perth audiences of all ages to enjoy.  
This fairy tale performance is set to mesmerise audiences and capture their imagination, as the story of princess Aurora is played out against a backdrop of love, deceit, passion and Tchaikovsky’s famous score.
La Classique was founded in 1990 by Director Elik Melikov and the is known for its artistic and precise ballet performances, enthralling stage design and immaculate costumes. This show is a hit with ballet lovers and those with no or limited exposure to the genre, as the universal themes of love and betrayal are on show in a rollercoaster of emotions.
This ballet is the perfect chance to get dressed up and gather family and friends together for a night of spectacular choreography and storytelling from world renown artists. Don’t miss out!  

Regal Theatre

  • 474 Hay Street,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 6TH March 2020 7.30pm
$55 - $70 Get Tickets