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Curatorial Statement | Subi Lounge Series

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Curatorial Statement – Subi Lounge Series 2020

Rod Vervest
“Subiaco’s high street, centred on the iconic Rokeby Road, represents a tantalising opportunity for presenting a diversity of musical performances.
From small cafes, lively restaurants and bars to an historic theatre; from galleries, laneways and public buildings, there is tremendous scope to build vibrancy and claim the precinct as a “music capital” amongst Perth’s jurisdictions.

Alongside all this, an enthusiastic and positive cohort of businesses are devoted to the future of Subiaco’s unique identity and building its profile as a destination; a place to linger and revel in.
There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that venues and businesses are broad-minded, creative and eager to explore the wealth of different music Perth has to offer. I have responded with a music program of multiple genres that reflect diversity, excellence and attraction. What has resulted is in many ways a “festival”, married to the aspirations of businesses and enthusiastically driven by a determined council. Through it, I hope that a legacy will emerge that continues well beyond the scope of this initial project. One that is vibrant, sustainable and enduring.
Within the program, you will find music that celebrates many cultural and stylistic layers. From African dance to gypsy jazz, from European folk to string quartets, from chilled folk club vibes to full-blown funk and soul. Improvised jazz meets live art, and musical surprises pop up in laneways and street corners. An art deco bar becomes a hub for jazz of all colours and a car park ignites with a fusion of brass driven dance music.

I invite you to join us for the Subi Lounge Series on this spring from 24 September to 3 October."

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