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Intimate Venues: Fab Date Night Locations In Subiaco

Here in Subi we have more cute date night venues than you can poke a stick at! Be it a first date or a parents’ sneaky escape from the kidlets (thank heaven for babysitters, right?), we’ve knocked together this little list of romantic go-to’s that are perfect for when there’s some romance in the air.

Lady of Ro

If you’re after lashings of awesome food coupled with some intimate candle-lit ambience, then Lady of Ro is bound to deliver the goods. From the masterminds behind Boucla, this latest offering is all about Greek food designed to share.

Food wise their grilled offerings are where it’s at - we’re talking succulent grilled prawns, delectable octopus and whatever nightly joy is listed on their blackboard menu. If meat is more your thang then you can’t go past the very epitome of Greek comfort food - melt-in-your-mouth-tender slow-cooked lamb.

You’re welcome to bring your own wine too, so impress your date with your wine matching skills and bring a drop that you’re both bound to enjoy.

New Normal Bar + Kitchen

If you’re seeking a more casual date venue (or have the time for a pre-dinner drink), then the New Normal’s rooftop bar might be more your vibe. Their angle is a sustainable kitchen that likes to forage, so if your date is into the environment, this might be the perfect place to hit up.

Just imagine, Tangello Sours under the stars...what could be more romantic? If you can’t be bothered adjourning to a restaurant, don’t fret - these guys also have menu offering a range of dishes teeming with local produce. Grab a booth for two for some extra snuggle-factor.

Bistro des Artistes

Mon dieu, it doesn’t get more romantic than a French restaurant, does it? (Unless you’re at a French restaurant in Paris, that is.) Hay Street offers the next best thing in the form of our own French chef du jour Alain Fabregues and his fabulous eatery.

As the former chef-owner of The Loose Box in the Perth Hills, Alain knows how to set the stage for full-blown date night romance with all the trimmings. Harbouring plenty of old-world charm, this is the place to be if you and your date are die-hard foodies - truffles (when available) feature heavily on the menu, as well as oysters and a sensational French cheese course.  For a midweek date, head to one of their regular jazz nights.

Barking Gecko Theatre

Date nights don’t just have to be about gluttony. For something a little different (and let’s face it, more cultural) Barking Gecko Theatre is a cute and quirky space that’s perfect for cosying up with someone spesh.

Although they’re well known for their youth entertainment, it’s not only for kids. They have heaps of fantastic all-ages performances on offer that you don’t normally get to see at larger venues. Your show is bound to spark some interesting post-show conversation with your date, so head to a nearby cafe and discuss things over a hot drink and a sweet treat to finish off the night.

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