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Great Subiaco Walks To Get Away From Your Desk

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Here at See Subiaco we firmly believe that the best way to experience everything that this amazing area has to offer is by exploring it on foot. Did you know that the City of Subiaco has gone to the effort of researching and planning out eight different walking trails? 

Each one has been designed to showcase different aspects of the area, so all you have to do is follow the links below, download the brochure and then get out there and hit the pavement! Not only will it help you become a healthier, happier individual, you’ll learn lots and discover some hidden gems along the way.

Jolimont and Daglish

Gorgeous wetlands, rich history, street art - there’s a lot more to these peaceful, leafy suburbs than meets the eye. You’ll experience an interesting range of parks, streetscapes and classic architectural styles as you soak up the lovely atmosphere.

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Shenton Park

Did you know that Shenton Park was actually called West Subiaco until the late 1930s? With quiet streets dotted with quirky, interesting shops, cafes and restaurants, Shenton Park definitely has a different vibe to the hustle and bustle of downtown Subiaco. 

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Subi Centro

This walk guides you through the centre of Subiaco to discover the area’s rich industrial and social history and tell a fascinating tale of urban renewal. From stockyards, to fine China and even a torpedo factory, downtown Subi has played host to a lot of really interesting stuff over the years.

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The City Centre

Did you know that Subiaco was originally called “New Subiaco” by Benedictine Monks or that Rokeby Road - the beating heart of downtown Subi - was named after a hero of the battle of Waterloo? Featuring gorgeous parks and amazing historical architecture, this walk will give you a much better idea of the strong local identity and history that characterises the area.

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The Commonage

Initially used as a camping ground for newcomers to Subiaco who were headed to the gold fields to try and strike it rich in the 1890’s, The Commonage walk is full of lovely greenery and fascinating history including the area’s connection to West Australian football.

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The Triangle

A must-do for local architecture buffs, The Triangle walk is bristling with fantastic examples of everything from Art Deco to Post War Internationalism. Learn the history behind these gorgeous old buildings in a part of the city that you probably otherwise wouldn’t take the time to explore.

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Sometimes it’s important to take some time to appreciate the beauty in the small things in life. This fascinating walk that showcases the beautiful leadlight windows and doors on many homes in the area is perfect for helping you get a whole new perspective on the area.

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