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5 Subi Spots to Get Your Juice Fix

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Join the Juice Craze: 5 Subi Spots to Get Your Juice Fix 

Juices. They are every person’s solution to an immediate health fix. Whether you are browsing through Instagram and Facebook or walking through your local supermarket, juices are EVERYWHERE.

Sometimes, authentic cold-press juices can be found in the most unusual locations. Here is our list of where to get the best juices in Subiaco. Get ready to become a juicing convert: 

The Clean Food Store 

A unique offering for locals. The Clean Food Store focuses on connecting with customers within a beautifully designed setting, while offering a comprehensive range of the most sought-after organic, natural, and sustainable products. Following suit with their theme of health, The Clean Food Store has an extensive list of cold-pressed juices that will suit any palette. We are particularly in love with the Immune Boosting juice that is infused with coconut water, ginger, lemon, mint, beetroot, carrot and apple!

Little Cultures 

The theme of Little Cultures is to provide locals with superfood options with a delicious twist! Relish their cold-pressed juice menu. Little Cultures make their juices fresh to order, guaranteeing we get the freshest tasting juice that has the highest value of fibre and nutrition. Their juices are filled with freshly cold-pressed fruit and vegetables, with added no sugar. Currently, Little Creatures offers six fresh juices. Our favourite? The Violet Delight that is made with blueberry, strawberry, fresh mint, lemon and apple. 

Little Rokeby

Located on 269 Rokeby Road in Subiaco, be sure to ask the friendly team for one of their freshly pressed juices and enjoy the benefits of an enzyme rich cold pressed juice in true Subiaco fashion at Little Rokeby.

Café Café, Subiaco

When visiting Café Café Subiaco, be sure to ask for a Michael Brothers freshly pressed juice. They are the only stockist in Subiaco to have this WA juice brand. The Café Café motto is simple, they take immense pride in sourcing the best ingredients and supporting local produce for their menu.

Sorganic Sourdough Bakers

This location is probably one you wouldn’t expect to make our juice stockist list! Sorganic Sourdough Bakers is one of the few stockists who carry Juice Station juices! They stock four of their cold-press juices including, Orange, Green Detox, Naked Mojito and Root Reboot.  Juice Station is known for helping individuals’ detox and rejuvenate, giving us that much needed cleanse.


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