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6 Tasty Grab 'n' Go Lunch Options In Subiaco

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Lunch On The Run: 6 Tasty Grab 'n' Go Lunch Options In Subiaco

In an ideal world we’d all be able to sit down to a lovely, relaxing lunch every day, but sometimes that’s just not possible. When you’re out all day working hard there sometimes comes a time when you need to refuel your body quickly and efficiently while you’re on the move.

Luckily for you we’ve hunted down the best spots in Subi for a grab ‘n’ go lunch. Because when it’s done right, eating on the run doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice eating well.

1. Zen Japanese Restaurant

A takeaway Bento Box is the ultimate all-in-one meal for those short of time and big of appetite. Zen Japanese Restaurant offers a range of different options - teriyaki chicken, fish, beef & tofu, spicy fried chicken or chicken katsu - served up with rice, edamame, beans, salad and pickles. Lunch, consider yourself sorted!

2. The Toastery

Toasted sandwiches are the very definition of on-the-go yuminess. With options ranging from simple & classic to more gourmet (like the Jurassic Pork: pulled pork, caramelised onions, black pepper & colby cheese), these guys pack enough carbs, protein and fat in every sandwich to satisfy even the most ravenous of customers. They also do a killer takeaway coffee too if you need a bit of a caffeine hit to perk you up and keep you moving.

3. Fast & Delicious Chinese Takeaway

This place does exactly what it says on the tin. Packing all of the Chinese takeaway classics that you’ve come to know and love like chow mein, honey chicken, Chinese omelettes, fried duck with plum sauce and egg fried rice, these guys also offer some more authentic Malaysian style noodle dishes like Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee and Curry Laksa. Maximum flavour with minimal waiting around = a total winner.

4. Baguette Me Not

The original East-meets-West fusion food, Bahn Mi is designed to be eaten amongst the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese city streets. Baguette Me Not does a cracking version available with a range of different fillings that rates very highly on the legit-o-meter, so if you find yourself craving a portable lunch bursting with texture, flavour and overall deliciousness you now know where to make a beeline for.

5. Nippon Fair

When busy workers the world over think “grab ‘n’ go lunch”, many of them will have sushi at the top of their list of go to’s. Nippon Fare have a whole cabinet of freshly made rice and seaweed nori rolls ready and waiting to go each and every lunchtime. Just pop in, grab what you like and then hit the road again. There’s also a variety of takeaway hot dishes available for those that have a little bit more time on their hands.

6. Zambrero & Mad Mex

Always a solid bet for a quick lunch, both these places do tasty, freshly made, affordable Mexican food that can be eaten on the go (although we’d advise taking a seat before attacking one of their burritos unless you want to ruin your clothes with errant splashes of spicy sauce). They also have a decent range of healthy/vegetarian/vegan options too, so it’s a real crowd pleaser if you have to feed a lot of people in a minimal amount of time.

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