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Brilliant Breakfasts in Subiaco

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The Most Important Meal Of The Day: Brilliant Breakfasts in Subiaco

Is there anything better than starting off the day with a really good brekky? When you’re living a busy modern lifestyle, the first meal of the day is often the first thing that gets sacrificed. That’s why we’re big fans of, whenever possible, finding some time to slow down and really enjoy a great breakfast. If you’re looking to do the same, make sure you check out the following list of brilliant breakfast spots in Subi.

1982 Espresso

If you’re looking to splash out and enjoy a decadent morning meal, 1982’s all day menu features treats like a Morning Burger of fried egg with pulled pork, bacon and avocado, Buttermilk Hotcakes served with Pistachio fairy floss, strawberry and banana custard or opt for something a little more traditional with their Beef Brisket Benedict. They also have a selection of left-of-centre dishes with an Asian twist such as Kimchi Fried Rice with Pork Katsu or Cheesy Omelette & Black Sesame.

Momos Cafe & Bistro

Bistro by night and cafe by day, Momos’ solid selection of breakfast classics (think bircher muesli, eggs benedict, pancakes, omelettes and french toast) is complemented by some more interesting items.
Bombay Scrambled Eggs (fresh chilli, onion, fresh coriander & feta scrambled eggs on toast) is available alongside other intriguing options like a Spanish breakfast featuring grilled chorizo, guacamole, homemade beans, poached eggs and romesco. Their “Hashtack” breakfast burger (that jams two hash browns, crispy bacon, fried eggs, crunchy peanut butter, cheese and BBQ sauce into a delicious brioche bun) is also perfect for ‘cheat day’ indulgence.

The Lion & Jaguar

Whether it’s morning staples like fruit and nut toast, oat porridge, a mushroom omelette and bircher muesli or something more adventurous like their “Hot Gonzales” (poached eggs, spicy chorizo, corn cakes, avocado and tomato salsa on ciabatta toast), The Lion & Jaguar’s all day menu has something to please everyone in search of a satisfying, freshly made breakfast. Coffee from local roasters Darkstar ensures that you’re also able to get a good morning caffeine buzz on as well.


Need a great breakfast and coffee on the go? Yelo’s cabinet full of takeaway-friendly goodies is an exercise in wholesome tastiness that is free from excessive sugar, chemicals, additives and other overly processed goods. Swing by and grab a super smooth coffee, wrap, yoghurt and granola cup or smoothie (or all of the above) and be on your merry way!

The Subiaco Hotel

Think that pubs can’t do a good breakfast? Think again! If your morning requires a touch of fancy, we’d recommend indulging in their truffled wild mushrooms (with spinach, poached eggs and goats cheese on crusty sourdough) or dark chocolate waffles with mascarpone, fresh strawberries and cinnamon ice cream. They also offer a Bloody Mary made with house infused chilli vodka and homemade celery salt that’s guaranteed to wake you up and put a spring in your step!

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