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Brunching Above Its Weight: Brilliant Brunch Spots In Subi

Is there anything in this world better than a good brunch? What’s not to love about sleeping in and then heading out to a nice cafe or restaurant for a leisurely mid morning meal, right? It’s all of the best things in life without the hassle of cooking or cleaning up after yourself. Brunch is also one of the rare occasions where drinking before midday is socially acceptable (provided you stick to mimosas and Bloody Marys that is), so cheers to that!

Luckily there are no shortages of excellent brunch spots in Subi. Check out this list of  some of our favourites next time you fancy indulging in this most delightfully delicious & decadent of pastimes.

Architects & Heroes

If you’re anything like us, great coffee is an absolutely essential element of a good brunch experience. With the venue consistently ranked amongst the Perth’s top spots for finely brewed beverages, the guys & gals at Architects & Heroes can definitely be relied upon to serve up a top notch cup of Joe. Choose whichever caffeine delivery method suits you best - traditional espresso, batch brew, cold brew or pour over.

Food wise there’s everything from light baked goods, amazing bagels from The Holy Bagel Co to a full breakfast/lunch menu full of cafe classics done with an upmarket twist - think fancy Apple Bircher Muesli with mixed nuts, seeds, shredded coconut, greek yoghurt & fresh fruit and Smashed Avo with cherry tomato salad, spiced dukkah, galangal cream and 63° eggs - so you’re bound to find something that hits the spot just right.


A treasured local institution, Boucla’s Greek-inspired home-style cooking is just the ticket when you’re looking for a bit of comfort food  satisfaction. It’s basically like a big, warm Mediterranean hug for your belly and is 100% guaranteed to leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled - at least on a physical if not spiritual level.

Grab one of their great coffees to go with your Shakshuka or Turkish Eggs, find a seat in the cute rear courtyard and just soak up the atmosphere of this buzzing brunch hotspot.

The Toastery

Toasted sandwiches might not seem like the ideal brunch food at first glance, but just hear us out. When you’re looking for a bit of mid morning comfort food to warm your soul there are few things on this earth more satisfying and restorative than a good toastie. 

The Toastery’s offerings range from simple classics like Ham & Cheese to the gourmet & unusual like their 7 Samurai (miso buttered corn, roast chicken, triple cheese and Sriracha mayo), so you’re bound to find something to suit whatever mood you’re in. Excellent coffee from Blacklist Coffee Roasters and a good selection of sweets rounds out a great selection of brunch friendly items. Best of all, their highly portable nature means that if you’re not in the mood to face the world you can just get your order to go and enjoy brunch in the safety and comfort of your own bed.

Baguette Me Not

If you’re after something a little different to the run-of-the-mill brunch routine then Baguette Me Not’s fresh and interesting take on Vietnamese street food could be right up your alley. 

In our opinion there’s no such thing as a bad time to enjoy a Banh Mi - a French influenced baguette sandwich filled with a variety of delicious Vietnamese ingredients - and these guys have not one but two different kinds of breakfast Banh Mi on their menu to satisfy your bacon and egg cravings (the tongue-in-cheekily named Like A Sunrise and Ketut Special). The Egg Sheeran - grilled lemongrass chicken, fresh mixed salad, chopped lebanese cucumber, pickled carrots, spring onions, brown rice & homemade salad dressing topped off with a sunny-side-up fried egg and their special Red Sauce - is another excellent Asian-influenced option. Oh, their coffee is also top notch as well, so it’s just a winner all round really. 

Sorganic Bakery & Cafe

Looking for a wholesome way to start your day? Then Sorganic’s feel-good blend of artisan crafted, in-house baked organic sourdough bread, ethical & sustainable organic specialty coffee and locally sourced food is just the ticket. 

Fuel both your body and soul with a Green Bowl (herbed green hummus, roasted pumpkin, asparagus or broccoli, soft boiled eggs & dukkha) or Protein Fix Bowl (soft boiled eggs, avocado, chorizo sausage and a delicious mix of organic black bean, chargrilled corn & ricotta cheese) or choose from the rest of their fantastic breakfast menu. Best of all, it’s served until 2:30pm, so you’re free to enjoy a good sleep in without worrying about missing out!

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