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Eli & Matt Patisserie Continues High Coffee

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Eli & Matt Patisserie Continues High Coffee

We’ve all heard of High Tea, right? How about High Coffee? It’s the genius invention of the team behind Eli and Matt Patisserie. Firstly introduced to the public during the Subi Coffee Series, due to popular demand it will is now an ongoing offering. 

Dave, the owner and pastry chef behind the business explains how the concept came about.

“The High Coffee was inspired by the winter series event,” he says. “We have always prided ourselves on our traditional high tea but we’ve felt like branching out and doing something different for a while now. The winter series felt like the perfect moment.”

Visitors to the popular patisserie which has taken beautifully decorated cakes to an art form can expect to enjoy South American-sourced coffee from WA-owned coffee roasters, Leftfield Coffee.

“They’ll also be served a mini chicken club, two coffee scones topped with whipped Nutella and cream, and three coffee-inspired desserts.”

As people become a little more relaxed following the initial Covid-19 impact, Dave believes that the pandemic has highlighted the importance in of supporting local businesses and the impact that this has on the economy. 

“Without support from our locals, we would have floundered like many other coffee shops and small businesses around WA, but the increased awareness that Covid has brought about and the increased support of locals makes me believe that Western Australians will move away from the bigger coffee chains and start supporting smaller coffee shops and independent roasters,” he says. 
“Not only is there an increase in support among the community, with the motivation to save for travel gone, people are perhaps more willing to spend more money at home and risk spending that extra little bit to try something new whether it be a dessert, food or a different coffee bean.”

As a pastry chef, Dave takes great pride in making all their cakes from scratch, using premium ingredients and French techniques, with a modern twist.

“ Our cakes selection is constantly changing with the season as we experiment with new flavours and techniques,” says Dave.

“I have been working in the industry for more than a decade and trained under a French patissier and fine Australian pastry chefs in Sydney who also have worked in Europe. 

“It has been my dream to open a patisserie so I can show my creativity in cake creation.”

That’s a dream come true, we’d say.


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