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Subiaco's warm hugs in a cup

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Mug shot: Subiaco's warm hugs in a cup

There’s nothing more comforting than a big cup of frothy coffee or a hot chocolate, complete with cream and marshmallows, oozing over the top of the mug. We’ve got the lowdown on where to bunker down with a comforting cuppa.

Architects & Heroes

25 Rokeby Road, Shop 25, Subiaco
This little gem on the main Rokeby Road drag is a good spot to start your exploration of Subi’s tea and coffee scene. There’s an interesting collection of teas on offer (including vibrant herbal blends and kombucha) and the baristas are this side of expert. You can order an espresso tasting flight, which introduces you to a collection of three single origin espressos and also take home (or have delivered) Kenyan coffee beans from Code Black
Coffee. The Spanish eggs are pretty good too, if you’re keen for a nourishing feed.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters

439D Hay Street, Subiaco
Speaking of coffee beans, the Blacklist concept store curates rare and high-end single origin beans for coffee lovers. We do things a little differently, says the team at Blacklist. “Dine-in customers are charged $9 per person and once seated, you are invited to taste a range of our blends and single origins.” It’s an innovative approach to introducing people to different coffees and brew methods which may be unfamiliar. If that floats your boat, then join the Blacklist Club and you’ll have unlimited entry to the store. It’s also the place to go to if you’re after brewing equipment or, of course, your own takeaway jar, like Panama Geisha Ether (with its flavours of red wine, raspberry and hints of chocolate and blueberry).


349 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
This Mediterranean-inspired coffee and cake gem would be just as at home on the streets of Istanbul, Nice or Naples. There are tapestries and intricate artworks, jars of Turkish delight and a shabby chic aesthetic which encourages risqué conversations and shared secrets. Justly loved for their beautiful range of sweet eats (baklava and soufra are particularly delectable) and brekkie items like Turkish egg and garlic yoghurt, take your time and enjoy a bracing Turkish coffee or full-to-the-brim cappuccino.

Little Rokeby Café

269 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
On any given Saturday or Sunday, you’ll find a pack of pooches outside Little Rokeby Café, patiently waiting for their owners to drink up and continue taking them for a walk. There are even dog biscuits at the counter for these furry customers to enjoy. For their owners inside, as they may be tucking into a big bowl of fruity porridge or bircher, the café does a brisk trade in baby cinos, hot chocolates and prana chai, handmade with black tea, whole spices, honey and ginger.

Little Cultures

51 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
We’re not sure why nobody has thought of combining saintly wholefoods with devilish desserts in one unique place before, but we’re sure glad they did. Little Cultures sources its coffee from speciality local roaster, Twin Peas, and all its teas are organically sourced too. They serve superfood smoothies and design-your own-yoghurt bowls, but it’s not all activated charcoal and goji berries. If all that goodness makes you crave for something, well, naughty, then may we suggest a waffle cup with caramel popcorn and Oreos? Why not go the full devil and add a shot of maple syrup and a scattering of Gummy Bears too? Being bad never felt so good.

Subi Coffee Series

Coffee lovers rejoice! There is a mini coffee festival coming to Subiaco. This August, Subiaco businesses are rounding up a selection of their best coffee experiences to keep the caffeine levels high this winter. Think an espresso martini town takeover, spiked coffee brunch, cupping and roasting workshops, food and coffee specials and more. Find out more

Subi Coffee Trail

Explore more of Subi's amazing coffee venues IRL! From the Subiaco Train Station to the bottom of Rokeby Road, let us take you on coffee journey through Subiaco's town centre.

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