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Jordan and Anna Bruno’s Subi Coffee Series Tiramisu Masterclass may be sold out, but there are plenty of other fabulous events in this innovative series which are still available. And for all those who love the outgoing ex-MKR alumni, read on – Jordan has a whole lot going on right now. By Gabi Mills.

For readers who don't know you, give a little description of who you are and what you do?

Hey, my name is Jordan Bruno! I was on an Australian cooking show a few years ago called My Kitchen Rules. I competed with my gorgeous Mama, cooking authentic Italian and Maltese food.
Since the show I’ve gone onto travel the world on culinary contracts while campaigning for queer rights. Over the years, I have launched a cookbook with all profits going to LGBTIQ+ charities, campaigned for marriage equality and even won the title of Mr Gay World in South Africa. 
I’m now working in the native Australian food industry, serving up Australian grub from my food truck, ‘Outback Eats’ and selling bush plants through an e-commerce business I partially own, called Roogenic.
So life is busy, exciting and always changing so perfect for an attention-grabbing Gemini like myself.

Where's your go-to place in Subi for a great coffee and pastry?

I love places which offer something a little bit different – so I’ve had great coffee and good times at 1982 Food + Coffee (their pretty pastel machas are also to die-for) and the homemade cakes at Cake and Coffee Co are really something else.

If you were a coffee, what type would you be?

Oh I’d be an oat milk cappuccino with honey. Over-the-top, inconvenient, sweet and delicious! 

What do you love about Subi and what can people look forward to during your session for the Coffee Series?

I genuinely love the coffee and cafes in Subiaco. The area has so much charm and the hospo scene is bustling. In our little masterclass, we are going to showcase an Italian classic that pays tribute to coffee - tiramisu. You can expect a hands-on cooking class with a generous serving of delicious tiramisu at the end.

What do you love about appearing with your mum when you do cooking demos and shows - does it bring back memories of your time on MKR?

I love my Mama. She is my best friend so whenever we cook together, it’s always a laugh and a good time. She is also extremely organised and I am now, so the gigs we do together generally run a lot smoother.

What are you up to at the moment, and how did your life change after MKR?

These days I’m working in the Native Australian food industry, cooking with green ants, crocodile and other weird and wonderful flavours we have in our country. I also get to do some cool foodie gigs like Truffle Kerfuffle, the Ord Valley Muster, the Gascoyne Food Festival and of course this fanastic Subi Coffee Series event, so I’m essentially living the dream.
Outside of the food world, I recently got engaged in the Kimberley to my partner Dane and we are now in the process of planning our wedding.
The show certainly changed my life, but this crazy life of travel and cooking has been the norm for over five years now - and I was told the whirlwind would only last six months . . .

What top cooking tips do you have for people who may be keen to create something like tiramisu for the first time?

I would say don’t skimp on the ingredients. Use highly quality coffee (and there are plenty of suppliers of gorgeous coffee beans and blends in Subiaco, like Community Coffee Co and Blacklist Roasters) and the best mascarpone you can get. You will definitely taste the difference! 

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Honestly, my year is already booking out with cooking demonstrations, private dinner parties and events. I’m just going to try and enjoy it, because it’ll fly by. I’m also studying to become a marriage celebrant so I can marry all the homosexuals so I’ll need to finish that course this year. Otherwise, I’m just planning my own dream wedding. 
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