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Hangin' With The Crew: Crowd Pleasing Subi Venues Perfect For A Group Booking

Is there anything more fun than a night out with a big group of friends or family? Sharing a few laughs, having some great food and potentially a few drinks - what could be better? However it’s not as simple as just inviting everyone along. The key to a great group outing is finding the right venue that has enough space and the perfect mix of food, drinks & atmosphere.

Next time you’re going to get the crew together and hit the town make sure you first check out this list of Subi’s best venues for a group booking.

The Subiaco Hotel

The grand old dame of the Subiaco hospitality scene is always a safe bet when it comes to pleasing the whole crowd. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket,  are craving some hearty pub fare in a casual setting, or just want a few drinks and a couple of baskets of piping hot chips, The Subi is more than big and versatile enough to accomodate all of your group outing needs.

The Village Bar 

Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, we think that the Village Bar has everything you need for a group get together no matter what the size or occasion. A pleasant atmosphere, affordable drinks (including $4 pints and glasses of wine) and a menu featuring everything from pub grub classics to vegetarian options and desserts mean that you’ll have all the bases covered regardless of who’s coming along.

George’s Meze

The Greeks are famous for having large families and the raucous gatherings that go along with them, so it makes sense that Greek restaurant George’s Mezze is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty meal with a big group of people.

As their website states, their signature dish of meze are “flavoursome dishes designed to be shared among friends with a glass of Ouzo or wine,” so just know that it’s going to be a good time at George’s! Just hold of on smashing the plates afterwards unless you want to be slapped with a hefty replacement bill - it ain’t that kind of party.

The Vic

Much like the Subiaco Hotel, The Vic is another beautiful, historic pub that’s been given a new lease on life thanks to some smart renovations. A modern take on a traditional pub set up, there’s plenty on the drinks list and menu to keep everyone happy and well fed & watered. 

The “Mega Vic” - a gargantuan meal consisting of a 1kg beef patty, 250 grams of bacon, aged cheddar, sauces, pickles, chips and a pint of your choice - makes for good sharing, or if one of your group can finish it off themselves in under 10 minutes they’ll score this  mighty $50 meal for free! Win or lose it’ll definitely provide you all with some quality entertainment.

Rice Baby

When it comes to food that’s great to share with a big group of friends, we’re hard pressed to think of a better option that Rice Baby’s excellent selection of dumplings, noodles and other modern Asian delights. The only possible problem we can foresee is not being quick enough and missing out on a delicious morsel or two (all's fair in love and dumplings after all) , so it pays to sharpen up your chopstick skills before you visit.

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