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Subi's Upmarket Restaurants Worth Getting Dressed Up For

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The Upper Crust: Subi's Upmarket Restaurants Worth Getting Dressed Up For

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just stepping out on the town with some friends or family, a visit to a great upmarket restaurant is always an immensely enjoyable experience.

Amazing food, delicious drinks and great service in a fancy setting - what’s not to love? If you’re in the mood to treat yourself to a magnificent meal in such an establishment then make sure you check out our list of our favourite upmarket restaurants in Subi. There’s definitely no shortage of elegant eateries in the area!

Bistro Des Artistes

When it comes to upmarket dining, few do it better than the French. At Bistro Des Artistes, renowned French owner-chefs Alain Fabregues (of Loose Box fame) and Emmanuel Mollois offer francophile diners a range of bistro classics served up with a side of gallic sophistication.
Think escargot braised in white wine and herbs, delicate Steak Tartare, succulent Duck Confit and steak frites drenched in Butter Café de Paris to name just a few. Compliment your meal with a nice bottle of French wine, and if you’re feeling really decadent finish it off with an XO cognac for good measure. Magnifique! 

Lulu La Delizia

Think pasta is just simple, homely comfort food? Think again. An homage to the influence of his Italian grandmother Lulu, renowned chef Joe Valvasori-Pereza ( who formerly helmed the kitchen at Lalla Rhook) has created an intimate osteria devoted to the fine art of Northern Italian cuisine.  

With a small menu focused on the best seasonally available produce, it’s an ever-changing showcase of some of the best Italian food in the entire country. Make sure you try nonna’s meatballs with soft polenta and parmigiano - they’re life-changingly good. Small wonder that world famous culinary figure Marco Pierre White named this seemingly unassuming venue as his favourite restaurant in the entire country.


Satsuki’s website implores visitors to “goyukkuri dozo” (take your time and enjoy), and that’s exactly what you’ll feel like doing at this outstanding Subiaco eatery. Trust us when we say that what Satsuki serves up isn’t your run-of-the-mill Japanese food.

Focusing on Edomae style sushi (which hails from Tokyo) that incorporates techniques like soy and kelp marination, it also offers excellent dishes like melt-in-the-mouth tender slow cooked pork belly and crispy & golden spicy chicken kara-age, so there’s plenty to choose from even if you’re not a fan of sashimi.

Bistro Felix

When we’re in the mood for a bit of continental sophistication it’s hard to go past this chic bar/restaurant. Backing up their elegant modern European menu with great service and a stellar wine list, we’d highly recommend Bistro Felix to those that have a taste for the finer things in life.

Choose from a selection of small share plates or indulge in a main course all of your own - there are no wrong choices when the food is this good.

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