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Top 6 Burger Spots in Subi

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Top 6 Burger Spots in Subi

Is there ever a bad time to eat a burger? We don’t think so. The treat that never loses its grandeur, we are obsessed with some of the burger options right here in Subi! For those who are craving a burger fix, we have created a Subiaco list of where to find the best burgers:  

Jus Burgers

A Perth favourite, Jus Burgers have a serious passion for sustainable local produce, and this really shines through in their burgers. Running for over 11 years now, Jus Burgers paved the way for the burger bar scene here in Perth and their commitment to quality and service is still going strong! We pick their Chargrilled Amelia Park Lamb as our favourite. Whoever discovered the beauty of lamb and mint mixed together, seriously deserves recognition. Jus Burgers’ lamb burgers are a fusion of classic lamb dishes that have been masterfully combined into a burger. The house made mint relish on this treat sets off the flavours of the lamb to create a mouth-watering eating experience. 

1982 Food and Coffee

1982 Food and Coffee has quickly developed a reputation for delicious and eye-catching breakfast and lunches, and their famous Fried Chicken burger is no exception! Featuring a freshly-breaded filet of southern-fried chicken, american cheese, lettuce and tomato all nestled between a toasted sesame bun and slathered in a tasty and tangy sauce, it's a chicken-lovers dream. Served with fresh, hot chips, as every great burger should be, this instant-classic is a must try for burger fans. 

The Village Bar

Next stop, Village Bar! During our burger hunt, ensure to pay a visit to Village Bar and order their Wagyu Beef Burger without fail. With more marbling and a finer texture, wagyu beef gives a richer flavour. Which makes for one very tasty burger! The wagyu patty, caramelised onions, melted cheese, tomato, pickle and bacon are the heart of this burger, but the brioche buns are the soul. 

The Squires Loft

Visiting the Squires Loft? Order their Pulled Pork Burger. It seems like everywhere we go these days, there’s a pulled pork option. But a pulled pork option you cannot miss? The Squires Loft Pulled Pork Burger of course! They serve a fantastic but simple BBQ pulled pork burger with slaw and BBQ sauce on a chewy tiger bun. They also serve it with chips and a side sauce. 

The Lion and Jaguar

Order their The Louisiana Cheeseburger. There is something about cheese and beef that just go so well together, and this cheeseburger is no exception. Delicious Angus beef topped with American cheddar, chipotle mayo, caramelised onions and tomatoes. But what gives this cheeseburger it’s kick is the crunchy, sweet and spicy jalapenos.   


Grill’d is synonymous with burgers. Burger lovers will frequent this establishment because it is a utopia for all thing’s burgers! They have got beef burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, lamb burgers, wagyu burgers and even plant-based burgers! A single recommendation from Grill’d is nearly impossible as they have something for everyone. However, we are relishing their vegan range of Beyond Burgers!


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