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A Subiaco New Year's Resolution Guide

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2021 Subiaco New Year's Resolution Guide

Finally, 2020 is almost over so what are your plans for 2021? Whether it’s learning a new language or just committing to walking to work a few times a week, we’ve got some suggestions for making this year our best yet.

Set small goals

You might have been promising yourself for ages to learn a new fitness skill but always found the perfect excuse to stay on the couch instead. COVID-19 didn’t exactly make it easy for even committed gym bunnies to keep up their regimes after all. However, we suggest 2021 could be the year to take those first small steps to a fitter you. You could try booking a weekly yoga or pilates class at one of Subiaco’s many gyms and studios, or walking to your favourite coffee spot instead of jumping in the car. Lords Recreation Centre has a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, indoor tennis courts and a purpose-built fitness area – it’s a great place to start your new quest for small personal victories.

Get off the treadmill

Sometime it’s hard to do anything but work, look after the kids or get from A to B because of a deadline. But if 2020 has taught us nothing else, it’s that more than ever, it’s important to savour the things that are in our control. Subiaco has some of Perth’s most gorgeous parks to enjoy, but when was the last time you took off your shoes, felt the grass between your toes, and just enjoyed a moment or two of complete calm? Why not try to sew some small moments of peace into your working week by picking a shady spot under the peppermint trees in Mueller Park or by the water at Lake Jualbup in Shenton Park? Bring a book, sip a coffee or just listen to the birds. We guarantee you’ll find this little oasis of doing nothing will become your new favourite thing in 2021.

Make a local bucket list

There have been some wonderful new additions to Subiaco’s collection of local businesses in the last few months – an amazing achievement when you consider the impact the pandemic has had worldwide. New bars and restaurants have opened their doors, and existing businesses have pivoted to carry on offering customers everything from takeaway coffee beans to home delivered gourmet dinners, in a brilliant expression of optimism and belief in the services they offer. So why not reward that positivity by creating your very own bucket list of places to visit in 2021? You might have heard about the amazing food being served at Vibe Hotel Subiaco’s Storehouse Bar and Restaurant so why not book a table? The Subiaco Hotel has reopened after a few years’ hiatus, so should probably go and see what all the fuss is about. There are other long-standing places which deserve a visit too, like Subiaco’s very own museum, or Juanita’s which on a nightly basis, brings all the boys (and girls) to the bar. Make a date with some of Subiaco’s independent retailers too – you’ll be guaranteed the personal touch when it comes to service and come away with something truly unique. 

Top tip - for more inspiration, follow blogs which love Subiaco as much as us - @streetsofsubi, @subistreet and @subiacolove – and foodies @helenrelativestyle, @witheringfright and @crumbs_and_corks who often find themselves at one of the city’s eateries or bars.

Learn a language

Ever wanted to speak Italian, French or Spanish? The Multicultural Language Centre offers classes for those who don’t just want to master the grammar behind a new language – but to really live the language too. The Centre’s ethos is a simple one - to properly learn a new language, you should ideally be immersed in that country’s culture, food, drink and dance. No dusty classrooms repeating words by rote here. It’s more about setting a language in the context of its country and learning naturally as a result. If that sounds like way too much fun while you’re conjugating verbs, you’re right. The Centre’s approach to helping you get to grips with a new language is a brilliant way to gradually add to your skillset – without having to go overseas to do so. New interactive language courses begin in 2021 and once you begin, there are opportunities to join in the Centre’s community and social events throughout the year. Just a quick look at their Facebook page should give an indication of how closely the teachers work with their students, and the many gourmet international foodie nights you could be enjoying with your new classmates. Before you know it, voila! You’ll be speaking the lingo like a native. Visit their website to see their range of courses.

Make new friends

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a rich community of like-minded people in Subiaco, no matter what you’re passion may be. Keen on developing your writing skills? The Flora’s Salon meets at Subiaco Library on the third Wednesday of the month from 5pm to 6.30pm and it’s the perfect supportive place to bring your writing along to discuss, and meet other writers. The Quirky Cactus art classes at the Subiaco Arts Centre gives kids the chance to develop their arty side in a fun, encouraging way. Classes are run during school holidays, after school and also for special events. Book your place at an upcoming Late Night Paint Night at the Painted Teapot and enjoy an evening of painting a beautiful new mug or vase with new friends, it’s even BYO drinks and nibbles. Or how about joining one of Chef Caleb Azuka’s cooking classes at Restaurant Caleb? He offers three-hour culinary masterclasses each week and you get to share the fruits of your labour at the end. If Uno’s your thing, head over to Bark Subiaco – they hold regular game nights where you’ll get to argue with new pals about whether your house rules are the right ones or not.

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