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6 Things to Do For a Family Day in Subi

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With the warmer months creeping up on us, we cannot help but look for new things to do with the little ones. Whether it is basking in the beautiful outdoors, enjoying a fantastic array of venues or catching one of our great events – Subi has got you sorted.

Here is our list of what to do for a family day in Subi:

A picnic at Lake Jualbup

The sun is finally coming out to play and having fun in the sun sounds particularly delicious to us. What better way to welcome the sunshine with an old-fashioned picnic? Pull out the old picnic blanket, pack some hearty sandwiches and gourmet treats from a local deli and find a perfect spot on the grass. Lake Jualbup has a children’s playground, so the little ones can get tuckered out as the adults keep an eye close by.

A healthy brunch at the Clean Food Store

Getting those greens in can feel like a never-ending chore that brings about a divide during mealtime. Take the kiddies to the Clean Food Store where they make healthy eating a delicious adventure. We personally are obsessed with their poke bowls and cacao smoothies.

Book a show at the Regal Theatre or Subiaco Arts Centre

They say that nothing beats the theatre, and we couldn’t agree more! We also know how hard it can be to provide entertainment that isn’t on a T.V, computer, tablet or phone. Save the kids from the screen and dish out a healthy dollop of culture and entertainment at one of the many stunning shows on offer at the Regal Theatre or Subiaco Arts Centre.

Snuggle a kitty at the Cat Café

Want to recharge, take a breath and get a respite from the hustle and bustle and curb the hunger pains? Make a booking at the Cat Café, where you can get some much-needed coffee, cakes and lollies while also cuddling up to the many kitties that call it home. The Cat Cafe is also a social enterprise and has a cute gift shop selling fab kitty related merchandise. Part of all their proceeds go to their partners at Cat Haven. Purrrrfect!

Have a sweet treat at Whisk Creamery

The Whisk Creamery serves some of the most tantalising and visually stunning treats we’ve ever seen. Watch the kid’s mouths drop and eyes pop as they’re dished up a tower of chocolate, wafers, gelato and cream that screams indulgence. A sure-fire way to appease the little masters! There’s also much healthier, but just as delicious smoothie options, and of course, coffee for the parents.

Pull out the camera and play tourist for a day

There are various iconic spots around Subiaco that serve as great Kodak moments. We personally recommend climbing the steps and sitting on the chair sculpture on Rokeby Road. Adopting a tourist pair of eyes can sometimes be the most fun adventure of all.

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