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A Freelancer’s Guide To Get in the Zone - Subi Style

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In this day and age, the trend of self-employment is rapidly growing. More and more people are leaving their traditional 9-5 roles and are opting for a freelancer lifestyle.
With this newfound freedom comes both opportunities and challenges. Staying focussed on the task at hand can sometimes be difficult when your office is situated at home. Don’t get us started on those creativity blocks! They can get even the best of us.
This is why a location that eases us into the zone is a no-brainer. Being inspired by a calming aroma, delicious coffee or even a unique ambience can be the difference between productivity and procrastination.
So if you’re a freelancer or just looking for a space outside of work to get in the zone. Here are our top 5 Subi spots to buckle down and get things done:


Located: 2/337 Rokeby Road Subiaco
Boucla will have freelancers melting into a state of tranquillity. Entering into this little oasis will make even Monday an easy feat. Enjoy being tucked away from the noise, while sipping on some incredible coffee. Who could ask for better? For those days we feel like switching off our phones and just escaping reality, we make our way to Boucla.


Located: 1 Forrest Street Subiaco
That to-do list only keeps growing and we are eager to smash the checklist. We cannot resist the aroma of Mimosa Subiaco. This cute little café is deliberately away from the hustle and bustle. Located on Forrest Street, the atmosphere is a fine middle ground between the morning rush and the calmness that is so authentic to a great morning. Make an order from their extensive coffee menu and get the show on the road!

Architects and Heroes

Located: 25 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco
If you are after creative flair with intimate charm, then Architects and Heroes takes the cake. Located on Rokeby, this space is filled with contemporary designs and great coffee to boot. Any freelancer will get inspired in no-time with the unique character that can be found only at Architects and Heroes. We also add this location to our freelancer list, as their dessert menu is giving us LIFE.

The Lion & Jaguar

Located: Shop 7, Subiaco Square Subiaco
Yep, with a name like Lion & Jaguar how can this not make the list? This funky licensed café is situated in Subiaco Square Shopping Centre. Creatures of comfort will relish this quaint café. Enjoy the classics that will never go out of style and fall in love with an atmosphere that is so prevalent only in our Subi. With a feel-good menu and a relaxing ambience, any freelancer will make their way through their pending jobs in a heartbeat.

Nothing beats some sunshine: Mueller Park

Located: between Perth Modern School and Subiaco Oval
It is warming up and that means it is time to hit the outdoors. Doesn’t a creative session under the sun sound appetising? We love finding a spot on the grass, planting ourselves down and focussing on the task at hand. This location is great for spring and summer. Enjoy the aromas of nature along with the pleasant surroundings and get truly inspired.

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