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A 2020 Subiaco New Year's Resolution Guide

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2019 has been an exciting, challenging and fun-filled year for all of us. With the end of year over the horizon, most of us have begun our year-end reflection of how we want to start the New Year.
Whether it be finally beginning that hobby we have always wanted to try or delving into a new activity that pushes us out of comfort zone, we have created an exciting 2020 New Year’s resolution list to stimulate our minds, the Subi way:

Make 2020 your healthiest yet

Every year that passes by, we tell ourselves that this is the year we are going to get fighting fit. Then alas, another year passes, and we make that same commitment. Make 2020 the year of follow through by getting a membership at Lords Recreation Centre. They are our local gem that offers an array of group finesses classes, state-of-the-art  exercise equipment and has a generous swimming pool to keep us motivated in the New Year.  The best thing is, they offer a ‘no fees, no fuss’ membership, so there’s no upfront joining fees or scrambling through confusing contracts and restrictions, just a great gym with amazing facilities.

Learn a New Language

Bonjour! Ciao! ¡Hola! Ah, the sound of a foreign language. Learning a new language can open doors that we never knew existed. The beauty of learning a new language is both challenging and unbelievably rewarding. Why not make 2020 the year of linguistics? Join a class at the Multicultural Language Centre in Subi. They offer lessons in French, Spanish and Italian that cater to any level. It comes in handy when planning an overseas holiday. You'll be able to order a beverage, ask for directions or just chat to the locals with confidence.

Join an Art Class

Art can be such a freeing and therapeutic experience. Make 2020 the year that finally sees creativity soar to the forefront. Lucky for us, Subi has plently of spots to nurture the creative spirit. Jacksons Drawing Supplies offer regular art classes usings a range of mediums such as watercolour, acrylics and even gold leaf! For an activity the whole family can join in, head over to The Quirky Cactus. They are a local art school for our youth that runs regular classes in the Subiaco Arts Centre guaranteed to leave us with finished pieces we'd be proud to display in our homes. For a more adult adventure, The Painted Teapot host regular adults-only painting sessions that is also BYO! So grab your favourite bottle of bubbles, and enjoy an evening of creativity.

Bring Balance in 2020 with Yoga Lessons

Let us begin 2020 with a few salutations to the sun! Life can feel like a rush sometimes, so taking time to experience zen is a luxury we deserve. A hobby or lifestyle addition that allows for a soothing experience, yoga is definitely an exciting New Year’s resolution to consider. In Subiaco, there are an array of yoga studios that make this journey that much more tantalising to start. Check out our Subiaco yoga article here.

Fine Tune Those Culinary Skills

Being able to whip up an amazing beef bourguignon or impressing the family with a stellar risotto has been something we have always wanted to do but for some reason, always hits the bottom of the list. 2020 is going to be different! Make this New Year, the year to sharpen that culinary craft. Enquire with the Corner Italian, they regularly run Italian Cooking Classes on Monday afternoons that will have you living la dolce vida in 2020.

Commit to Regular ‘Me’ Time 

With the ebbs and flows of the year, giving oneself the present of self-love and restoration is almost mandatory for overall wellbeing. Make a commitment every month to have treasured ‘me’ time. Indulge in a massage at Spa L’Occitane, get some hair lovin’ at one of Subi's many amazing hairdressers and for the gentlemen, get a traditional barbershop experience at His Lid. Now, we can hardly wait for 2020!

Tackle an Exciting Reading List

The beauty of literature is one that will always burn alive. Regardless of what genre, subject matter, fiction or nonfiction, Dymocks Subiaco and Subiaco Bookshop are guaranteed to have the sort of page turner needed to help wean yourself off your screen addiction and live a more intellectually stimulating lifestyle. There is nothing quite like getting lost in the enchantment of an exciting book.

Can’t afford buying books all the time? No problem! Head over to the Subiaco Library and can read as much as you like for free. The library’s tranquil environment is also a great place to take some time out and disconnect for a while. The library is currently under refurbishment but will be all fresh and ready for Library Lovers’ Day, Friday 14 February 2020.

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