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Get Ready for Summer with these Summer Hair Hacks

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Great hair goes a long way. We all know that fresh bubbly feeling we get when we have a brilliant hair day. But some might say these are few and far between so we caught up with one of our favourite hairdressers, Abbey from Abbey & Co to give us some insider tips to making great hair days a regular thing this summer. 


Bright blondes couldn’t be more on point. Golden and glowy is what it's all about at the moment and how could we not be obsessed with latte brondes and light brunettes. It’s all so warm and we love it… Keep your blondes clean and bright by laying off the purple shampoo, Abbey & Co recommend using Olaplex instead. Use it at least once a week to obtain the healthiest hair you could ever imagine.
Just like your foundation or skin tones it’s important to let your stylist advise which tones suit you best so ask your hairstylist what they feel is going to be best this summer.


From scrunchies to clips - we all know how excited we were to bring back our youth and pop a scrunchy in like it's the 80’s again. Well now, believe it or not hair combs are coming back!
Hair combs are great, whether your hair is textured or smooth, just create deep side part, firmly pull the hair back and place the comb in. This is also a great way of keeping your hair off your face in the warmer months.

Live on the wild side

For the more voluptuous and wild hair types, it’s without a doubt this is going to be your summer to let your hair be free! Define your curl individually with crème that will keep curls locked as it dries. The fantastic R+Co and Oribe have just released a curl collection for this reason. Remember most curls are shaped like a spring so it appreciates being twisted and raked as opposed to stretched out and combed. If your curl is looking to frizzy or feeling dry, then add a leave in conditioner it will love it!!

For more hair hacks come visit us at Abbey & Co at 119 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.

Abbey & Co are a determined team of stylists with who are authentic, friendly, highly skilled hair stylists! Their objective is to empower clients through their hair to become the best versions of themselves. This Subiaco salon is doing its bit for the environment and is on an organic/sustainability warparth, everyone should be able to have beautiful hair without harming the earth.

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