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Sustainable Transport To Get Around Subiaco

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Out On The Town: Sustainable Transport To Get Around Subiaco

Want to get around Subi but don’t want to use your car? Not a problem! There are plenty of sustainable ways to traverse our fabulous neighbourhoods that are better for your health, hip pocket and the environment too.

Public Transport

With a station right at the bottom of Rokeby Road, the train is always a great option for getting into downtown Subi. From there you have access to plenty of busses - including a high frequency route - that can take you to most parts of the suburb.

Click here for more information on the different public transport options in the area
Click here to download a handy map.


Have you heard about the Perth Bike Network? It’s a network of off-road shared paths, bike lanes and quiet streets ideal for getting around the city via bicycle. In Subiaco, the Principal Shared Path is a major uninterrupted cycle route that allows cyclists to get from A to B safely and quickly.

Why not combine your cycling with a train ride to make things even quicker? Bike parking is provided at all train stations, but just remember that you can’t take your bike on the train during the peak times of 7am to 9am (towards Perth) and 4:30pm to 6:30pm (away from Perth).

Click here to download a map of the cycle routes.


Most of Subiaco lies within a 1km radius of the intersection of Rokeby and Bagot Road. This means that you can get to most places by foot within 12 minutes or so. In addition to being very beneficial for your health, walking around Subi is also a very pleasant way to get to know the area better.

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