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5 Hidden Gems You'll Want To Visit Today!

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The Secret To Shopping in Subi: 5 Hidden Gems You'll Want To Visit Today!

Think you know Subi? Well, you might want to think again. We’ve scoured our town’s alleyways and backstreets to bring you the lowdown on five gorgeous little hidden gems that we think you should know about.

Amazing food, fantastic shopping, a brilliant barber - there’s so much awesomeness on offer when you know where to look...


Hidden away at the quieter end of Rokeby Road this unpreposing, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Middle Eastern restaurant has actually been in our postcode for around ten years now. We know, right! The family-run business showcases their passion for the cuisine of the Middle East - we’re talking huge rustic dishes piled high with Moroccan tagines, Lebanese kofta and Israeli labneh.

For dessert? Doughnuts stuffed with Turkish delight smothered in spiced rose chocolate sauce. So. Much. Yes!

News flash: the team has just installed a spanking new wood-fired pizza oven: Turkish pides and slow-cooked meats, here we come!

Lucy in Disguise

Tucked away in a walkway off Rokeby Road is Lucy In Disguise, a charming little second-hand shop that specialises in all things vintage. Working with different eras (which is oh-so-helpful when you’re after that perfect fancy dress garb) and with everything meticulously hand-chosen by the owner, this shop is cute, cute, cute.

With regular flash sales and armloads of 40s dresses that are just begging to come back in style, LID is bound to be your next retro go-to. Lucy in Disguise - yeah, we see what you did there. 

News flash: they’ve just re-stocked a whole swag of white gogo boots!

Verde Brio Yoghurteria

There’s frozen yoghurt and then there’s Italian frozen yoghurt. Serving up gorgeously smooth Italian froyo for just over a year now, those in the know have been making their way into Subi just to get their fix.  

With toppings that include fresh fruit, pistachio and lashings of saucy decadence, it’s small wonder they’re a hit. They even deliver - be still our beating hearts!

A Little Wax Shop

Bursting with retro charm, this little gem is so on the down-low they don’t even have any signage. (It’s hidden away in the Village Close on Forrest Street if you really wanna know). So what do they do? Well, as the name suggests, a little wax.

For both guys and girls. Brazilian is their speciality, and they even have a little section on their website dedicated to the super nervous first-time waxers. It’s sweet and cute and we love it.

News flash: according to the owner’s fanclub, she’s the most painless waxer in town.

His Lid

Speaking of cuteness, this quirky barbershop on Sheen Street has the boys lining up for a bit of manscape loving.

Stools are set up on the pavement outside for quickie trims, and they even have a neat little window to the street for takeaway Lid espresso (available to all). Want the rock star treatment? Try their uber-spesh VIP package.

News flash: His Lid offer a 10% discount for walk-ins.

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