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5 Subi Homeware Stores to Visit Today

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5 Subi Homeware Stores to Visit Today

Most of us can admit that we secretly geek out over homewares (we certainly do). For us, browsing a homeware store is a legitimately exciting adventure. There is nothing quite like staring at the new unique décor, admiring the latest in bedding technology or getting your hands on some beautiful bespoke ceramics. 

When it comes to homewares, Subi gets it. Whether we are talking furniture, glorious knick-knacks or kitchen utensils, here are some of Subiaco’s best homeware stores to satisfy that secret inner design geek;


Located: 121 Hay Street Subiaco
For those who froth over a dreamy range of furniture and homewares, Öopenspace is the place to be. Öopenspace is curated by a group of architects and designers, bringing together design and simplicity. The team are proud to promote an exclusive representation of emerging brands from across the globe, and are the sole Australian distributers of designer brands, Tisk and Commune. Paying homage to a simplistic Danish design, Öopenspace believes that innovation and creativity are absolutely vital to the quality and enjoyment in people’s lives. 

District Subiaco

Located: 246 Hay Street Subiaco
District Subiaco is one of those stores that will stop one right in their tracks. Stocking the kind of furniture and homewares that have been crafted from the very fabric of luxury, District is a hive of incredible international brands with ranges that cannot be found elsewhere. District's mission is to help others make beautiful worlds through its astute understanding of interior spaces - by creating its own district of designer possibilities.

Table Culture

Located: 126 Rokeby Road Subiaco
Situated in the heart of Subiaco, Table Culture stocks some of the world’s most unique and famous brands. Their philosophy has a strong focus on quality and service, and each range in their store is selected with four factors in mind: the customer, style, quality, and function, bringing the best brands across tableware, glassware, wine/bar, kitchenware and giftware to our community. One can never go wrong when paying a visit to Table Culture, their range is so bespoke, our inner design geek will be screaming!

Howards Storage World Subiaco

Located: 427 Hay Street Subiaco
Howards Storage World works on a truly one-of-a-kind concept, this store specialises in space saving and organisational products for the home and office. In a world where living space is at a premium, becoming more organised is a growing need for people who lead busy lives. Their product categories include kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, office, living room, garage, kids and cellar. Howards Storage World is one of those stores that needs to be experienced in the flesh to truly understand the brand philosophy. 

Natalie Jayne Interiors

Located: 360 Hay Street Subiaco 
For those with a taste for the lavish things, Natalie Jayne Interiors is an Australian luxury interiors brand that is dedicated to delivering timeless interiors that are elegant, sophisticated and luxurious. Years of design and inspiration have gone into curating their stunning collection of luxury furniture and homewares. Natalie has developed her own signature style and her range is constantly moulded to match the latest international trends. As Natalie Jayne Interiors is an interiors brand studio, their collections have been overseen with a more holistic approach that cater to the smallest details. 

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