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Live sustainably, live well

We all know the importance of treating everything we consume with respect and thoughtfulness, from reusable coffee cups to cutting down on meat. So why not make 2021 the year of living mindfully, and do our bit to reduce the need for a Plan(et) B?

Aim for intentions not resolutions

It’s all very well beginning a new year with a long list of resolutions – to cut down on alcohol, take a digital detox or begin a fitness regime for instance. For many, however, these resolutions feel pretty hollow by the end of January, and a failure to maintain a desire for change leaves you feeling worse than when you started. 

Hayley Schmidt founded Beyondbeing Yoga 12 years ago and with her friendly, highly experienced team, she aims to help awaken her clients’ innate kindness, compassion, creativity and wisdom through yoga.

“At Beyondbeing, we are all about ‘intentions’ or what we call in Sanskrit a ‘sankalpa’ rather than ‘resolutions’,” says Hayley. “Statistically, most resolutions fail because they are made from a negative view point, an idea that something is bad or wrong. An intention, however, has a far more positive connotation and is inspired by a conscious revelation that there is a way to be an even better version of ourselves.”

For thousands of years, yoga has provided people all around the world with much more than just a source of fitness. It’s part of a whole lifestyle for many and there are many different types of yoga making it likely you’ll find a style that’ll meet your needs. If you’re a beginner, Hayley and her team will introduce you to yoga with their Vinayasa – Open Level class or Recharge, Restore & Release.

“Regardless of your experience level, you can always take Yin Yoga,” says Hayley. “It’s great for everybody.”

Recycle and cash in

So it’s possible to make money from your empty cans and bottles – and cut down on landfill? Wait, that’s too good to be true surely? Thanks to Containers For Change, savvy empties collectors are already raking in the cash regularly thanks to some very smart tech at depots all over WA. Visit the website to make sure you return the right type of plastic bottles, cans and bottles, and then start collecting. You can then either choose to process your own empty containers and collect the cash from reverse vending machines, or have the cash paid directly into your nominated bank account. You can even choose to donate your refund to a charity or scheme – just quote the ID of your chosen charity and go home with an extra warm glow of goodness. There’s literally no downside to this scheme so start stockpiling without the guilt.

Visit Good Sammy Recycling – Subiaco (28 Rokeby Road), Return-It Shenton Park (10 Selby Street) 

Make pre-loved your new love

Eco-fashion is a hot topic right now. It sticks in most people’s craw the way sweatshops around the world churn out fashion items which are worn a few times then discarded. So why not invest in a pre-loved item and prolong the lifespan of a pair of shoes or a beautiful dress which may otherwise end its days in landfill? Re_find began over a year ago, the brainchild of founder Emma Sher, a personal and interior stylist with a passion for pre-loved wares and fashion. The online boutique makes the Op Shop experience so much less hit and miss as you can spend time scanning the items on the website without leaving your lounge. You’ll find edgy, wearable and eclectic items sourced from all over Perth – it really is the case that one woman’s trash is your next treasure. At the time of writing, Re_find has a pop-up spot at CVue Property Manager’s shopfront at 4/514 Hay Street; and Emma also hosts occasional thrift shopping masterclasses – just check out the website for more info. Visit

Meat-free Mondays

Depressing statistic info: livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gases (methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases) released in the environment, and over half of that comes specifically from cows, according to a United Nations report. What that means in terms of what many of us consume is that we’re all eating way too much beef and lamb. Think about all those burgers and kebabs, juicy steaks and bowls of spag bol. If we could all make a commitment to cut out meat at least once a week, the global impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions would be significant. So if you’re keen to take this small step, head to Be Free Organics at 9D/531 Hay Street for some inspiration. Not only are all their products made with 100% organic ingredients, they’re also happy to chat about ideas to help you being your own sustainability journey. Their freezer cabinet is packed with delicious, home-cooked organic meals including vegan lasagne, no butter no chicken curry simmer sauce (just add your own grains or steamed veggies) and a sensational vegan shepherd’s pie with creamy vegan potato mash. If you want to treat yourself to a meat-free brekkie, then they serve food inhouse too – try the vegetarian burrito bowl with BBQ jackfruit, brown rice and pico de gallo, or the mixed berry waffles for a sweet treat. It’s impossible to visit the deli side of the business without feeling inspired to try to do better with your own recycling, packaging and composting. Owner Caillan Richards walks the talk, re-purposing coffee grounds and the family’s hobby farm for compost.

“We keep all our food scraps that we compost ourselves to feed our own vegetable garden out at our family hobby farm and our own little veggie patch at home as well as our own chickens.”

If you want to find out more about going vegan, the team at La Vida Vegan on Coghlan Road stake a claim to be Perth’s only vegan grocery store. Of course you’ll find everyday vegan ingredients here but if you want to embrace the lifestyle completely, it’s also the place to go for animal cruelty-free products like bags made from vegan leather, vegan sun cream and even vegan jerky. 

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