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Fabulous Fringe Events coming to Subi

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Did you know that Perth’s amazing FRINGE WORLD Festival is coming back to Subiaco this year? It’s true! From 17 January to 16 February, Subilicious is going to transform the west end of the city into a pink-themed wonderland of amazing performances and pop-up venues!

Don’t miss this amazing line of performances happening right here in Subi:


Alissia Marsh: King of The Lesbians | $20
25 January & 1 February @ 8pm

Upcoming WA comedian Alissia Marsh wears many crowns – gay Australian, LGBTI advocate and body-positivity champion, and in her new show she hilariously blends it all to prove why she really is King of the Lesbians! 


Adventures of the Bearded Lady | $20-$25
18 January @ 6pm, 29 January @ 7pm

In a beyond-quirky and punk infused tale of cross-dressing and animal love, Theodora van der Beek proves she’s more than just a bearded lady in this gender-bending solo comedy for the outcast in all of us. 

Bed Bug Zoo | $10-$12
22 January – 1 February @ 11am

An empowering story about facing your fears, join young Mia on a wild trip from school to the mysterious ‘Bed Bug Zoo’ beneath her bed. 

Lore-Dy Me (Rugululee) | $20
18 – 22 January @ 8pm

What happens when you fall in love with the God of Death himself? Find out the answer in this production which revolves around the complexities of grief, death, sexuality and, most importantly, love. 

Outback Angels | $15
29 January – 2 February @5.30pm

Exploring the realities of being a young person in modern Australia, join wannabe Insta-celeb Annabelle on her journey from London to a cattle station in outback WA. 

Seeing The Invisible | $25
5 February & 13 February @5.30pm

This incredible one-man show combines storytelling, poetry and physical art performance to create a contemporary love story that pulls no punches.

Six Minutes 6 Ways | $20
24-25 January @ 6.30pm, 8pm

Witness a relationship told in six-minute increments, from beginning to heartbreaking end as the complexities and intimacies of love are explored.

The Oracle | $25
15 February @ 7pm & 16 February @ 5pm 

Bringing improvised theatre to the Fringe stage, this hilarious story leaves the destinies of its characters in the hands of the audience. 

VIVIR Flamenco Guitar & Dance | $30
12 February @ 7pm

Told through the art of Flamenco, this tale explores ancient secrets through powerful and passionate dance. 

Whip Me Lick Me Beat Me Eat Me | $25
6-10 February @ 8pm

Combining a love of food and sensual cabaret, join the Kitchen Mistress on a tantalizing trip of sexual innuendo and visual comedy. 


Cat Concerts | $35
31 January - 1 February @ 2pm & 3.15pm

If you’ve always wanted to cuddle a kitty while enjoying 18th century vibes, coffee and music, Cat Concerts is the purrfect show for you!

CROOKIE! A Mystery Musical | $25
22 - 25 January  @ 1pm

A deliciously jazzy who-dunnit, this light-hearted detective comedy is designed for music lovers of all ages. 

Golden Age Girls | $34
29 January - 1 February 2020 @ 6pm, 1pm (Sat only)

Harkening back to the golden-era of cabaret, join aspiring sopranos Ruth and Irene as they bring some of the greatest tunes of all time to the last place you’d expect – the funeral industry!

Kiss: A New Musical | $39
29 January - 1 February 2020 @ 7.30pm, 3pm (Sat only)

This quirky family drama provides and intimate and humours perspective on the joys and tragedies of life, as young couple Sam and Sam unexpectedly become guardians of a teenage niece. 

Kravgi: A Sci-Fi Choose-Your-Own-Adventure | $25
25 January 2020 @ 7.30pm

Charting a wild course across the stars to prevent a space-squid led apocalypse, this crazy sci-fi comedy follows the adventures of interplanetary linguist Anthony Tennant in the year 2299. 

Oakley & Olivia | $20
17 - 20 January 2020 @ 11am & 1.30pm

A series of wacky events leads siblings Oakley and Olivia on a crazy journey through space and time inn this all-ages comedy show that has to be seen to be believed. 

Pitch Slapped | $25
23 January 2020 @ 6.30pm

Returning for a second year, Pitch Slapped is an all-ages acapella contest where singers compete using only their voices. 


Cirque Africa | $36-$46
17 January - 2 February @7pm, 5pm 

Bringing African culture to Fringe in a high-intensity, blockbuster production, Cirque Africa will transport you across the globe through amazing dance and music.


Corey White: Just China Make It  | $30
24 – 25 January & 31 January – 1 February @ 8pm

A comedy show exploring Australia’s place in a changing cultural landscape, Corey White returns to Fringe World with a refreshing perspective on our country’s future. 

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