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Sling some gin on World Gin Day

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Sling some gin on World Gin Day

We generally don’t need much of an excuse to fix a zingy Gin Fizz, but if you require extra encouragement to get busy with the swizzle stick, we’ve got excellent news. It’s World Gin Day on June 13 and for the past 11 years, this day has been marked by gin aficionados around the globe creating and enjoying inventive ways to appreciate this adaptable spirit. During iso-lockdown, you may well have made like Tom Cruise with the lemon and tonic, using some pretty amazing locally-distilled gins as a base. However, now that restrictions are lifting, there are some pretty talented mixologists here in Subiaco, ready and waiting to introduce your tastebuds to their Gin Slings, Filthy Martinis and Negronis.  

So pull up a bar stool and get ready to be gin-pressed.

Subiaco Hotel

465 Hay Street, Subiaco
If we’re going to get serious with Mother’s Ruin, then we might as well start at the Grand Old Lady of Subi – the newly invigorated Subiaco Hotel. The building may date back to the glory days of the Gold Rush in the late 1890s, but that’s where anything old and rusty ends. The pub changed hands last year (to the owners of the Rose Hotel in Bunbury and the Exchange Hotel in Kalgoorlie), and has now reopened as restrictions are relaxed. Head to the courtyard bar and enjoy a glass goblet or two of Tanqueray for $10 or Tanq 10 for $12. 


341 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
Jeremy, Luke and the team at beloved watering hole Juantia’s couldn’t be happier about the chance to welcome the Subi faithful back to their always buzzy wine bar. Grab a slider or charcuterie board and choose a refreshing gin cocktail made with one of the artisan spirits on offer. They made their name by serving small-scale wines and winemakers you might not have heard of, and we love the European vibe where you hang out for hours on end, sipping, picking at food and watching the Subi world go by.

Refuge Small Bar

50 Subiaco Square, Subiaco
They had us at Negroni, made with Old Young’s gin, Campari and a slug of sweet vermouth, but at the now re-opened Refuge Small Bar, the booze is just part of the whole package. There’s also a whole raft of craft beers and dude food (with plenty for dudettes too, of course). The pizzas aren’t just the usual rotation of cheese, ham and capsicum; think mushroom and truffle, N’djua and fennel pork. There are generous charcuterie and cheese sharing boards and triple fries which deserve their own gold medal for deliciousness. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Gin’Ot Noir – with a base of Patient Wolf Summer thyme gin, the addition of Pinot Noir, lemon and sugar makes it this winter’s most interesting contribution to World Gin Day’s drink’s list.

The Boardroom

94 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
If holding a meeting has you struggling to keep awake, head to The Boardroom for a very different agenda. During the Fringe, their Subilicious gin cocktail was as pretty as a picture and easy to recreate at home too, if you’re feeling in the pink: Gordon’s pink gin, Prosecco, lemonade and a strawberry or two.

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