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Wonderful Weekends In Subiaco: What To See, Do, Eat & Drink

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The weekend: that glorious time where we get to forget about the drudgery of work life and really enjoy our free time.

Here in Subi, we’re blessed with an awesome variety of things to do over the weekend, so check out the following list for some inspiration. Boredom isn’t an option with all of this right at our doorstep!

Head Out For After Work Drinks On Friday

Celebrate the end of another hectic week with after work drinks at a nearby watering hole. Friday drinks are the perfect opportunity to debrief the week with our favourite colleagues or catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. Subi has an abundance of great venues with tempting happy hour specials, plus it’s a great excuse to try out a new place you’ve never been to before. Click here to check out our list of great spots in Subi for an after work drink.

Enjoy A Leisurely Brunch

One of the great joys of the weekend is enjoying a lazy sleep in. Once we prise ourselves away from the comfort of our beds, heading out for brunch can be a delicious beginning to our weekend adventures because we all know cooking breakfast at home isn’t as much fun. Click here to check out a list of brilliant brunch spots in Subi.

Go For A Walk & Explore Subi

Did you know that The City of Subiaco has researched and planned out eight different walking trails throughout the area? During our many beautiful sunny weekends in Perth, download the map and guide and go exploring! It’s a great chance to enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise, see some beautiful sites and even learn about the history of the area. We guarantee that you’ll discover a whole new side to your suburb. We guarantee that you’ll discover a whole new side to your suburb. Click here to find out more.

Visit The Farmers Market

Held in the grounds of Subiaco Primary School, The Subiaco Farmers Market brings a whole world of great food, amazing produce, wonderful artisan products and a wonderful community vibe to our Saturday mornings. Grab a bite to eat, browse some market stalls and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Click here to find out more about why we adore this iconic local institution.

Hit Up A Small Bar For A Sunday Sesh

Want to make the most of every last bit of the weekend before Monday rolls around and reality kicks back in? Small bars have helped transform the drinking and dining scene all over the city, and Subiaco is no exception to this. Click here to check out a selection Subi small bars perfect for whiling away Sunday evening at.