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3 Awesome Cycling Routes Around Subiaco

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On Yer Bike: 3 Awesome Cycling Routes Around Subiaco

These days, cycling isn’t just the domain of the sports enthusiast (or the Dutch). Jumping on a bike and heading from A to B is being joyfully rediscovered by different kinds of people all over Australia and, here in Subiaco, we’re overjoyed to be part of the trend. Here are just a few of the cycling trails around Subi, no matter what kind of cyclist you are.

The Commuter

Seriously, is there any better place to live than Subiaco if you work in the CBD? Only 3 kms from Perth city, riding a bike into work is an absolute breeze compared to driving and parking hassles, public transport and all the costs associated with these commuting alternatives. Cycling is fast, simple, free and - bonus points - ever so good for one's health. Our tip for how to cycle into the city and beyond? Using the Perth Bike Network, head to the bike path on Subiaco Road. Ride past Perth Modern through to West Perth and the city beyond for an unimpeded ride straight to the office door.

The Shopper

Aside from being a stone’s throw away from the CBD, Subiaco pretty much has everything you could ever need, right at your fingertips. For locals who need to do a spot of shopping but can’t be bothered driving and parking, why not leave the car at home, grab a couple of recycling bags and jump on the bike. Regardless if it’s for essential groceries, grabbing a coffee (or bite to eat) with a friend, or just a cheeky spot of retail therapy, our recommendation is to use some of the smaller bike paths around Subiaco. To get to the Subiaco Village shopping centre, head down Denis Street or, if preferred the Subiaco Square Shopping Centre, try the bike paths on Alvan St, Axon St or Catherine St. There’s plenty of allocated bike parking around both areas too.

The Nature-lover

Subiaco has the luxury of having one of the biggest city parks in the world sitting right across the road from it, so with all that it has to offer it’d be crazy not to visit every now and again. Whether heading to Kings Park for a picnic, an outdoor event, or just some chillout time to enjoy that panoramic view over Perth, riding a bike from here to there almost seems like a no-brainer. Grab the kids, head straight down Heytesbury Road and over Thomas Street, and you’ve arrived. While there, be sure to check out the park’s many kilometres of bike trails too. If looking for nature closer to Subi, head down either Herbert Road or Keightley Road to the lush surrounds of Lake Jualbup and Shenton Park.