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Active Anklebiters: Sport For Kids In Subi

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Active Anklebiters: Sport For Kids In Subi

It’s no secret that most kids have a lot of energy to burn off. Getting them involved in sport not only provides them with great exercise (and can help keep their parents sane), it also has a host of other benefits including promoting healthy growth and development, improving their balance and flexibility, assisting in the the development of motor skills and improving concentration, thinking and social skills.

We’ve put together ways to get our active little anklebiters involved in some sport, check out the following list of options great in Subiaco.

Jungle Sports

Catering for children aged from eighteen months to six years, Jungle Sports is one of Australia’s most popular children’s multi-sport programs. With programs varying according to the age of the child, this fun and innovative program introduces kids to the excitement of popular sports while helping them to develop coordination, encouraging social skills and increasing their confidence. Click here to learn more and book classes online.

NetSetGO at Lord’s Gym

NetSetGO is a fun, safe, social and active Netball program for girls and boys aged five to ten years old. Designed to give kids of all abilities, a positive introduction to the sport and teach them the basics. The program is divided into three tiers (Net, Set and Go) which help kids learn at a pace that’s right for their age and ability. Each session is lead by an accredited coach and uses specially modified equipment.


KidSport is a government initiative that makes it possible for Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation regardless of their financial circumstances. It provides eligible families with up to $150 a year for each of their children aged between five and eighteen years old that can be used to subsidies fees to join a local sport and recreation club. Click here to find out more and apply.

Junior Soccer with Subiaco AFC

Is the next Ronaldo currently growing up somewhere in Subi? You can find out by joining up to play junior soccer with Subiaco AFC. Available for boys and girls aged five to eighteen, they’ll have fun, get fit and make loads of friends even if they don’t end up being a global sporting superstar.