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Subi Smash

Subi Smash, also known as Smash @ Subi and Sundays @ Subi are all-ages grassroots Super Smash Bros community events with tournaments to compliment it. If you like Super Smash Bros, anyone can drop in, play matches, and leave free of charge. If you want to compete with some of Perth's best players, you can pay a fee to be put in a bracket and win prizes, as well a serious reputation.

Subi Smash is a group that runs Super Smash Bros. Tournaments in Subiaco that anyone is welcome to attend, free of charge. If wanting to enter a bracket and play against some of Perth's best, they can pay a small fee for a minimum of 4 matches against offline opponents in a Tournament setting. 

It is not required to pay to spectate or join in, but is required to pay if wanting to enter the bracket. 
The events can be used as a place to hang out, a place to meet new people who like video games, a place to practise and a place to learn more about your favourite game. 

Contact me at or 0447221503 if there are any more enquiries.
Hope to see some of you soon. 

  • 302 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco, WA 6008
  • 0447221503
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