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A Day at Glass Slipper High

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Ever imagined what it would be like to spend a day with all your favourite childhood characters?

Well, you’re the new kid in town and it just so happens you'll be attending Glass Slipper High. Get the inside scoop and behind the scenes action as you see the characters like you've never seen them before.

From drama to detention, you’ll be getting a front row seat to the juicy gossip in some of your favourite character’s lives. And trust us, they aren’t as innocent as they seem.

A musical theatre cabaret that promises to bring a whole new meaning to 'Happily Ever After'.

The bell just rang, are you ready for school?

Subiaco Arts Centre

  • 180 Hamersley Road,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 11TH February 2022 - 12TH February 2022
$24-26 Get Tickets