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Mercy is a contemporary dance show facing the seven facts of life, more commonly known as, the seven deadly sins. As humans, we do what we please, with small consideration for others. During this performance, you will come face to face with society's behaviors and how sins now play a part in everyday life. 

After a successful 2021 season, we are excited to display our thought-provoking show again.

"Simply brilliant. Great music score as well if you are not normally into contemporary dance this is totally approachable. The whole audience was smiling at the end." - Michael W

Subiaco Arts Centre

  • 180 Hamersley Road,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 14TH January 2022 - 15TH January 2022
    2:30pm, 7.30pm
$20-$30 Get Tickets