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Madagascar Jr: A Musical Adventure

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Presented by Highgate Primary School

Madagascar Jr - A Musical Adventure is based on the Dreamworks Animation Motion Picture.
First written by Kevin Del Aguila and here a musical by George Noriega and Joel Someillan.

This musical tells the tale of four best friends: Alex the lion who is the main attraction at the zoo,his best friend Marty the Zebra who longs to be free, a motherly and rather vain hippo called Gloria and an anxious giraffe, Melman.

Together with a bunch of resourceful penguins and a smug chimpanzee, Mason, they escape from New York Central Park Zoo. They end up on an island paradise: Madagascar.

The penguins destination was meant to be Antarctica, so they comandeer a ship and make their way there. Meanwhile, friendships are tested as Alex's natural instincts threaten to overpower him.

They meet colourful characters in Madagascar and unknowingly become a part of King Julien's genius plan to rid the lemurs of their native enemies, the foosa.

A heartwarming tale of friendship that also looks at themes of animals kept in captivity.

Subiaco Arts Centre

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  • 2ND July 2019 - 3RD July 2019
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