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The Songs That Got Away

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The music of Harold Arlen drifts in and reigns supreme. He gave the world 'Stormy Weather', 'That Ol’ Black Magic', 'Get Happy', 'Paper Moon', 'Blues in the Night', 'One for my Baby', and the most recorded song of all time 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. These songs that have seeped into our consciousness and remain universally loved, but the man who wrote these songs remained an enigma, while the women who sang them became household names.

Ethel Waters, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Peggy Lee, and of course Judy Garland. All championed by Arlen, and associated with his music. He quietly fought against prejudice, poverty and limitation in segregated America, whilst writing some of the most loved music of all time. This is his story and theirs.

Acclaimed artist Johanna Allen, accompanied by Mark Simeon Ferguson, gives you a musical play based on the life of Harold Arlen, featuring his most famous standards and showtunes.

"She takes us back in time using only her hypnotic voice and extraordinary acting range. This hardened critic blubbered. Perfection" - The Age

"She takes the audience on a time travelling expedition back to the Cotton Club in 1930s Harlem. From Ethel Waters to Judy Garland and even Arlen’s wife and parents, the performance seamlessly weaves between songs, with inspired re inventions of classic songs, threaded together by a superbly executed narrative. 5 stars" - Broadway World

"Unforgettable, ageless songs. … Johanna Allen has written a savvy script, loaded with the stories behind the them, delivered with the skill and artistry of a thoroughly trained and unshakeably conīŦdent singer.… ‘This is near genius. 5 stars" - The Advertiser.

Subiaco Arts Centre

  • 825 Hay Street,Subiaco,WA 6000
  • 22ND September 2022 - 24TH September 2022