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For Bridget, however, it only takes an invite to her reunion to realise she has done absolutely nothing for the past decade. The alumni committee has spared no expense in making the reunion the biggest night since leavers, and Bridget’s going to have to go above and beyond to stand out. Lies will be told, friendships will be tested, and tears will be shed in the corner of the girls’ toilets.

Time Capsule is a modern Australian pop-rock musical that follows one cohort of desperate nobodies over one hell of a night.

"Upbeat and memorable [...] For all lovers of musical theatre, a good laugh or just a solid drama, this one's for you." ★★★★★ Pelican Magazine

Presented by:
Runaway Balloon

We are an independent theatre company established in Perth in 2019, for the purposes of chasing a balloon. You know when you see a play and then a week later it unexpectedly pops into your head? We’d like our plays to do that. We have a focus on fostering new talent and telling stories that are sometimes silly, sometimes sad, and often a little bit of both.

The company made it’s FRINGE WORLD debut in 2020 with the 5-star sell-out comedy Fun Times With Olive and No One Else! In 2020 the company took to a digital form with its sketch comedy podcast The Fantastical Electrical Hour and debuted at the Subiaco Arts Centre in 2021 with their anthology comedy Someone Stole Dee Perse's Tree (and other short stories).

Subiaco Arts Centre

  • 180 Hamersley Road,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 25TH January 2022 - 29TH January 2022
    3pm, 8pm
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