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Sam McGovern | Suburban Vibes

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Suburban Vibe’s bohemian spirit will shine bright at this free event, cultivating a warm and inviting atmosphere with ‘must-see’ local artist Sam McGovern. Come, take a seat on an outdoor rug and immerse yourself in Sam’s acoustic sounds.
  • When: Tuesday 12 October 2021, 5.00pm - 6.00pm
  • Where: Hiddlestone Lane (near Dilly Dally)
  • Cost: Free
Hiddlestone Lane is situated near the historical family business premises at 83 - 85 Rokeby Road and runs from Rokeby Road to Rowland Street, between Hay Street and Forrest Walk.

From a young age Sam had either a guitar in hand or a surfboard under his arm, these two hobbies therefore became second nature to him. Sam approaches songwriting as a way of expressing feelings that come unspoken in his life, when words fail, music speaks. Sam's stories are told through heartfelt and honest lyrics that unravel a deeper meaning

Instagram: @sam_mcgov
Listen: here

Subiaco Town Centre

  • Rokeby Road,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 12TH October 2021 5.00pm - 6.00pm
  • Live MusicLive Music