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Telling Our Stories with Words & Paint

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Story-teller Glenn Swift and local Subiaco artist Tricia Stedman are sharing the rich history of the 6008, providing participants young and old, with the opportunity for creative fun along the way. 

Part 1 – Tricia Stedman and Arty Brellas
Participants will record their own ‘story’ by painting it on an Arty Brella after Tricia Stedman first describes the oral history story told in her mural called, Shades of Subiaco.
Tricia’s mural is in Rowland Street and it tells the story of the Subi Council gardener, who in the past, would tend the roses that were then located in Forest Walk. Tricia will use a bunch of roses as a prop for her story-telling.
Part 2 – Glenn Swift Storytelling
Once the children and older participants have painted their Arty Brellas they will sit down under the shade of the trees in Forest Walk with Perth’s best Storyteller, Glenn Swift. Glenn will weave the rich history of Subiaco into the programme and encourage the children to share their stories with the group.

Subiaco Town Centre

  • Forrest Walk,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 15TH January 2022 10 am - 12 pm