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Zucchini Brothers dazzle the Streets | Subi Lounge Series

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Zucchini Brothers Dazzle the Streets

Subi’s famous vegetable siblings colour the streets with Euro-folk, latin and bossa nova vibes. 

The Zucchini Brothers play Latin, Tango, Bossa Nova, European classics and an array of popular hearty vocals. They are at their best moving around tables, playing lovers requests and raucous tarentellas, bull fighting boleros and Russian folk songs!

Roving performances
Thursday 24 September
  • 4:00pm, Regal Theatre sidewalk
  • 5:30pm, Forrest Walk
Saturday 3 October
  • 2:00pm, Regal Theatre sidewalk
  • 3:30pm, Forrest Walk

The Subi Lounge Series is proudly presented by See Subiaco.