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Treat Yo’ self: Tao Café Special

Treat Yo' self Tuesday


Enjoy a special stir fry, teriyaki or curry and rice and pho dish for just $10 at Tao Café. Featuring Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese, Tao is the place to go when you don’t know what you want. It will satisfy all your Asian food cravings.

Gather the office pals and head over to Tao Café for your $10 feed. Select from:
  • Chicken Curry with Rice (normally $23.00)
  • Teriyaki Chicken OR Beef with Rice (normally $23.00)
  • Chili Basil Chicken OR Beef with Rice (normally $23.00)
  • Cashew Chicken with Rice (normally $23.00)
  • Pho Tai (normally $15.50)
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* Only available on Tuesdays during the Treat Yo’self Tuesday campaign. No further discounts apply.

Tao Café

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