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Breathe & Loving Kindness Meditation with Albert Mah (Online)

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Are we defined by our thoughts? If we believe that our thoughts fully define us, then we are at peril of riding an emotional roller coaster and being held prisoner by them especially the ones that lead to unease and agitation such as anxiety, jealousy, intense dislike, anger and hate. On top of that, being a vegan and an activist in a non-vegan world can rapidly lead us to despair and depression if we don't have the means to deal with them.

We cannot stop our thoughts from spontaneously occurring but we can learn how not to let them bounce us around like a basketball and instead let them go. This is where the practice of meditation and mindfulness comes in. We learn to be in the present moment and not automatically react as we have repeatedly done when our feelings and emotions are
triggered by something we view as unpleasant.

Albert Mah started to learn and practice meditation and mindfulness in 2000. He has done retreats ranging from a weekend to one month in his quest for mental health and has found that the practice helps him deal with negative and oppressive thoughts and emotions that can blow us around. Having said that, he is not an expert by any means but meditation and mindfulness are lifelong practices. The results are not instant but come from sincere repeated practice over months and years.


Please note: This class will be live streamed within the event page and is online only. Please come back at the specified date and time ready to participate.

The Peace Tree

  • 267 Hay St,Subiaco,WA 6008
  • 6TH April 2020 18:30 to 19:30