Get Ready to Laugh: Perth Comedy Festival 2023 Line-up Announced

The Perth Comedy Festival is back in 2023, promising to bring the biggest and best comedians across Australia and the world to stages across Perth. From April 24 to May 21, the festival boasts an incredible lineup to Subi’s Regal Theatre that includes Tommy Little, Wil Anderson and Sara Pascoe.

Tommy Little’s show “Rapidly Ageing F*ckboy” promises to be a riotous night out, with the comedian finding the humour in everything from being robbed to his standing in the art world. Meanwhile, Wil Anderson is back with a brand-new show, “WILUMINATE,” which promises to showcase the comedian at the height of his powers. And UK comedian Sara Pascoe is bringing her new live tour, “Success Story,” to Australia, exploring the reasons why anyone would want to be famous.

The Kaye Hole and “Kirsty Webeck – A Bit of Fun” are both comedies with unique flavours. “The Kaye Hole”, hosted by Reuben Kaye, is a perfect blend of comedy and music, featuring daring performances by some of the most diverse and riskiest acts of the fringe, backed by a live band. Reuben Kaye’s showbiz flair, sprinkled with sequins and lashes, adds an extra punch to the show, making it a must-see late-night show. On the other hand, “Kirsty Webeck – A Bit of Fun” is a hilarious, feel-good comedy show, perfect for those looking to take a break from their mundane lives. Webeck’s upbeat and sunny outlook, combined with her witty one-liners, is sure to make audiences laugh out loud.

Stephen K Amos and Lawrence Mooney are two comedians who are sure to bring laughter to the Perth Comedy Festival this year. Stephen K Amos is a renowned writer, broadcaster, actor and comedian who has sold out tours around the world for over 15 years. He will be performing his latest show, “Encore”, which promises an hour of solid jokes and guaranteed belly laughs. Lawrence Mooney, on the other hand, is known for his unique style of comedy that embraces the darker side of life. His show, “Embracing Your Limitations”, is based on his anti self-help book and is sure to have audiences laughing out loud while embracing their inner loser.

The festival also includes the biggest night of comedy in Perth: the “Perth Comedy Festival Gala“. This event brings together the funniest international stars, Australian legends and next-big-things for a spectacular night of comedy at the Regal Theatre on May 3, 10 and 17.

If you’re looking for a night of laughs, the Perth Comedy Festival is not to be missed. With a program that offers everything from stand-up to sketch, satire, impro, musical, absurdist, theatre, magic and kid’s comedy, there’s something for everyone. Book your tickets now, and get ready to laugh your socks off!

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