Oracle: A Spectacular Fusion of Circus, Burlesque, Dance and Mythical Stories

BassFam Creative, the creative team behind award-winning shows MATADOR and MANSION, has done it again with their latest hit production, Oracle. A feast for the senses, this electrifying show takes you on a mythical journey through the stars, exploring the 12 zodiac myths through live vocals, world-class circus acts, mesmerizing aerials, steamy burlesque numbers, and a variety of dance styles.

The lead performer, Oracle, is a maiden who guides you through the tales of monsters, mermaids, powerful goddesses, and vengeful gods that birthed the zodiac signs we know today. With haunting and powerhouse vocals, Oracle brings these prophecies and myths to life with the help of an attractive and talented cast of 18 performers.
The handmade costumes pay homage to some of the biggest names in the fashion world and inject a high-fashion element into the mix. The show is set to an epic soundtrack of classic anthems, hit songs, ballads, covers, and cinematic masterpieces, ensuring something for everyone.

The show has received rave reviews from critics, with The Advertiser calling it “a new benchmark for sheer spectacle.” GlamAdelaide praised its “tasteful depiction of fine extravaganza and raunchy routines,” and Indaily called it “visually stunning and pure escapism at its finest.”

The concept behind Oracle dates back to a calendar that Bass G. Fam received from his mom when he was just 11 years old. Each month featured an illustration telling the story behind each zodiac sign, which fascinated him and led to the creation of this captivating production.

Oracle is running until 5 March at the Regal Theatre; take your chance to see it live and experience the magic for yourself!

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